2020 BUCG E-Board Applications

Thank you for your interest in the 2020  BUCG E-Board.


In order to be considered please complete the following 2 steps:

1. Submit an application form below.

2. Email your resume (as a pdf) to bucg@bu.edu with the subject line “Your Name - E-Board Application” (e.g. Jane Smith -President Application).

All Applications must be submitted by 11:59pm EST on Thursday, April 30th in order to be considered.

2020  E-Board Positions
Executive Vice President
The Executive Vice President aids in strategic planning and the daily execution of club responsibilities to ensure Boston University Consulting Group runs efficiently.
Senior Vice President of Operations
The Senior Vice President of Operations leads the administrative side of the BUCG Eboard. The VPO is also responsible for some administrative responsibilities for the club, such as booking rooms.
Senior Vice President of Strategy
The Senior Vice President of Strategy is responsible for creating initiatives for the strategy arm of BUCG, client acquisition, and leading the directors of engagements, casing, and strategy lab.
Vice President of Corporate Relations
The Vice President of Corporate Relations is responsible for creating and maintaining relationships with consulting firms and alumni working in the industry and bringing these individuals and companies to events.
Vice President of Marketing
The Vice President of Marketing is responsible for marketing operations such as managing social media accounts, maintaining the website, and creating advertisements.
Vice President of Data Analytics
The Vice President of Data Analytics is responsible for tracking and determining BUCGs key performance indicators in addition to keeping the club roster.
Vice President of Casing
The Vice President of Casing is responsible for overseeing the casing tutors and running weekly casing workshops.
Vice President of Engagements
The Vice President of Engagements is responsible for engagement staffing, oversight, management, and creating a community among consultants.
Vice President of Strategy Lab
The Vice President of Strategy Lab is Responsible for overseeing our Strategylab Mentors and administrating Strategylab.

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Please remember to send a copy of your resume to BUCG@BU.edu with the subject line "Your Name - E-Board Application"