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Spring 2023 BUCG 
StrategyLab & Casing Program Application


Thank you for your interest in BUCG's Spring 2023 Program


Recruitment Process

1. Submit an application form below.

2. Candidates will be selected for a group case interview

3. Selected candidates will be invited to join one or both programs.

Applications must be submitted by 11:59 pm EST on Tuesday, February 7th in order to be considered.

Program Descriptions
StrategyLab program is a semester-long project where students work as StrategyLab Associates and are placed into teams to work on a case prompt. StrategyLab Associates will work to create a solution to the problem. Guided by project leaders, participants will learn how to conduct market research, competitor profiling, and industry analysis.
At the end of the semester, StrategyLab Associates will prepare and present a solution to a “client” consisting of a panel of BUCG judges. StrategyLab Associates will be evaluated on their solution as well as their approach. Based on performance throughout the program participants may be selected to become an Associate Consultant to join our real-world engagement teams. The StrategyLab program requires a 4-hour weekly commitment. Recommended for underclassmen!
All consulting firms utilize case interviews as an integral part of their recruitment process. You must know how to case if you wish to enter this field, and the Boston University Consulting Group Casing Program will ensure you are well prepared!
During this six-week program, you will gain exposure to many consulting cases which will include, but will not be limited to: market sizing, profitability, product launch, market-entry, and mergers & acquisition. You will have access to four case tutors for one-on-one sessions for extra practice! In addition, we will have resume, cover letter, and networking sessions alongside case walkthroughs from BUCG alumni working at top management consulting firms around the world. Recommended for those applying to consulting internships or jobs in Fall 2023 or earlier.

Resume Tips
Your resume should be a clear, easy to read one page document. Formatting tips and a template can be found on the Questrom Undergraduate Career Center's website here. We also want to make it clear your resume is not being measured versus others; this is just to make sure you would bit a good fit for the program you're being reviewed for.
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