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Work with us to grow your business

We promise to provide intimate consulting services.

Greetings from BUCG

We bring together a diverse team of dedicated students with strong business acumen and a passion for problem-solving.

What We Offer

We invite you to work with dedicated teams within the BU Consulting Group providing consulting services to clients in Boston and its surrounding area.

Interested? Contact us.

No Risks or Costs

We offer our services free of charge and ensure the confidentiality of your information.


Our team is supported by a number of current and past consultants who have had careers in elite consulting firms. These professionals actively support our team’s work and assist us in developing recommendations to suit your needs. Moreover, our university grants us access to large sources of data that we can utilize to support your enterprise.


Our team is motivated by the desire to learn and improve. This motivation allows for consistent commitment to your project as we have as much to gain as you do.


Team members come from various educational backgrounds and cultures and are able to bring their unique perspective and cross-disciplinary skills to your problems. As current students, we represent the ideal market for consumer products that target teenagers and young adults.

Past Clients

Customer Acquisition 

Develop a strategy to expand to, and advertise on,  new e-commerce platform. 

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