Fall 2020 BUCG Case Interview Program Applications

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Thank you for your interest in Fall 2020 BUCG Case Interview Program! This semester, we are offering two programs. Please read the description below and apply to the program that fits you the best.
The Intro to Casing Program (ICP)  prepares underclassmen and students with a recently formed interest in consulting for recruiting and case interviews through sessions on professional development and case interview concepts. Students are mentored by a collection of upperclassmen at BU with consulting experience and BUCG alumni in the field of consulting.
The Case Interview Prep Program (CIPP) is aimed for Juniors & Seniors to focus on preparation on Case Interviews and Consulting Recruiting. This program will prepare students with an in depth understanding of casing frameworks, industry knowledge, and analytical skills necessary for case interviews. Students will practice cases with BUCG Case Tutors, Questrom professors, and BU alumni working in consulting.
In order to be considered please complete the following 2 steps:
  1. Submit an application using the form below.
  2. Email your resume (as a pdf) to bucg@bu.edu with the subject line “Your Name - CIPP Application” (e.g. Jane Smith - CIPP Application).
Please note that the applications are open to all majors and all years. The deadline to apply for both the Case Interview Prep Program and Intro to Casing Program is on Sunday, September 20th, 11:59PM. Please note that Case Interview Prep Program will be accepting applications on a rolling basis and may hold sessions before September 20th.
If you have any questions, please reach out to us at bucg@bu.edu.
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