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Live Engagements

Created by BUCG in 2019, our casing program is designed to help our members prepare for the rigorous consulting recruitment process. We have offerings in the Fall, Spring & Summer

What is Casing?

StrategyLab is a semester-long project where members are placed into teams and presented with a business problem. Each team will work to create a solution to the problem. Guided by project leaders, participants will learn how to conduct market research, competitor profiling, and industry analysis.

At the end of the semester, students will prepare and present a solution to a “client” consisting of a panel of BUCG judges. Students will be evaluated on their solution as well as their approach.

Student Testimonials

What do we offer?

Based on performance throughout the semester participants may be selected to join our live engagement teams. Teams work together to solve real business problems for real clients


If selected, they will be placed in a team of four to five people to serve on a real-life consulting engagement. Typically, each project takes about three months and finishes at the end of each school semester.


We pride ourselves in providing our members with leadership opportunities throughout their undergraduate experience. Join us to be apart of our community growth.



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