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Casing Program

Created by BUCG in 2019, our casing program is designed to help our members prepare for the rigorous consulting recruitment process. We have offerings in the Fall, Spring & Summer

What is  Casing?

All consulting firms utilize case interview as a core part of their recruitment process. To land a job at a top consulting firm mastering the case is a must. The BUCG Casing Program will ensure you are well prepared.

A case interview is a hypothetical business situation that is presented during the consulting interview process. It is used to determine how a candidate thinks about a particular problem and how they would solve it.

Student Testimonials


Jing Tzsuen Kua CAS '22

BUCG's casing program provided me with a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals. I was able to hone in on specific skills from peer feedback that eventually led to my offer at BCG


Rigorous Preparation & Support System


Through our programs you will garner an understanding of case frameworks, develop analytical & communication skills, and be introduced to a wide range of industry knowledge.

What do we offer?

Our program provides hands on case experience via live case walkthroughs & discussions. Our team of case tutors are always available to host 1-on-1 case sessions

Rewarding Skills Development


Understand the foundations of casing and learn how to navigate the recruitment process


Refine your casing skills with other driven members within the BUCG community.


Master the case interview and add the finishing touches before you interview with top consulting firms.

We are no longer accepting applications for Fall 2022. 

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