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From weekly meetings to special annual events, BU Consulting Group offers many opportunities to get involved with the club to all Boston University students.


The club runs a semester-long training program StrategyLab that focuses on developing essential consulting skills. People who show their best efforts are promoted to either leaders of the program in the following semester or consultants at BUCG Consulting. 


From those roles, interested and motivated students will get a chance to run consulting engagements and apply for e-board positions.

Attend a first BUCG general meeting

Every semester the club introduces new members to available opportunities

Get admitted to StrategyLab

Interested students have to apply to participate in the training program

Lead the training of StrategyLab teams

Two former StrategyLab participants get a chance to lead the initiative

Become a Consultant at BUCG Consulting

StrategyLab high performers get promoted to consult real companies

Manage consulting engagements at BUCG Consulting

Experienced members get a chance to lead consulting projects

Apply to be on the e-board of BUCG

Most qualified people get selected to serve on the e-board of the club

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Career and Leadership Opportunities at BUCG


Created by BUCG in 2015, StrategyLab serves as consulting engagement simulation designed to evaluate and train members interested in joining our real world engagement teams.

What to Expect:

Fall 2019 Winners
Fall 2019 Winners
Spring 2019 Winners

The program entails a semester-long project where members are placed into teams and presented with a case prompt. Each team will work to create a solution to the problem. Guided by project leaders, participants will learn how to conduct market research, competitor profiling, and industry analysis.


At the end of the semester, students will prepare and present a solution to a “client” consisting of a panel of BUCG judges. Students will be evaluated on their solution as well as their approach. Based on performance throughout the semester participants may be selected to join our real world engagement teams. 


If selected, they will be placed in a team of four to five people to serve on a real-life consulting engagement. Typically, each project takes about three months and finishes at the end of each school semester. 


Consultants that show their keen interest, best effort, and leadership skills will get promoted to Engagement Managers. This position entails direct contact with clients, management of the team, and guiding it to the best solution for the involved company. 

Core Focus Areas:

  • Problem Solving in a Business Context

  • Leadership

  • Technical Competency

To apply to be part of the StrategyLab team, please click on this link.

To learn more about past clients and case results, please visit the Clients page of our website.

StrategyLab Finalists

Summer 2020 Winners
Fall 2020 Winners
BUCG SL F20 Winners.jpg
Spring 2021 Winners
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