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Boston University Consulting Group

Boston University's premiere student-led consulting group

About Us

We are a collaborative, pre-professional organization that focuses on career development, skills training, and education in the field of consulting for students from all academic backgrounds.


Committed to shaping future leaders in consulting through experiential learning, BU Consulting Group works closely with our clients to provide tailored recommendations and insights aimed at empowering organizational growth, building sustainable competitive advantage, and driving positive impact.

Who We Are

A Place For You To Thrive


Through our programs, students gain access to a variety of workshops, industry events, and immersive experiences that bridge the gap between theory and real-world application.


Whether it's through interactive projects or case studies, our programs are tailored to cultivate essential skills, foster critical thinking, and nurture a deep understanding of the consulting industry. 


The BU Consulting Group network is designed to support every step of your journey. Our members and alumni bring a diverse blend of expertise that enhances our capabilities and fosters a supportive professional network.

With access to resources, expert insights, and a community that cares about your progress, you'll find the techniques to enhance your skills and navigate your career path with confidence.



Our engagement teams have worked alongside numerous clients to solve their most critical strategic problems, engaging with businesses of all sizes and industries since 2015.


Consulting engagements are conducted free of charge, allowing clients to access high-quality services along with Boston University's network and research capabilities. 

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