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Our community provides valuable resources, workshops, and mentoring that empowers students to achieve their goals and succeed in their careers.

We offer students from all backgrounds opportunities for career development, skill-building, networking, and exposure to the consulting industry.

Ignite Your Career






Advanced Casing

Advanced Casing



Our Pathway For Growth

Top talent in our entry-level programs are staffed on live client projects and admitted to advanced programs to grow their skill set and further explore consulting through experiential learning.  

Through these programs, students will gain competitive experiences that help them stand out in the job market while exposing them to the true nature of working in consulting. 

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Begin Your Journey

Prepare for a Successful Career in Consulting and Beyond

Explore Student Benefits 

Career Development

Learn about the consulting industry and improve your professional skills at workshops, seminars, and events organized by BU Consulting Group.

Case Competitions & Engagements

Gain practical experience working on real-world business challenges and working directly with clients to deliver valuable solutions.

Networking Opportunities

Expand your professional network and gain insights through our networking events with alumni, recruiters, and current consultants. 

Mentorship & Guidance

Join a wide consulting community open to providing advice and support throughout your academic and professional journey.

Educational Resources

Access walkthroughs, frameworks, research, and tutor office hours aimed at helping you prepare for interviews and case competitions.

Leadership Development

Develop leadership, project management, and teamwork skills while managing various initiatives, teams, and activities.

Opportunity for
All Students

Our members come from more than 26 unique majors and 6+ schools within Boston University and range from first-semester undergraduates to PhD graduate students. 


By bringing together students from diverse backgrounds, we strive to create an environment for collaborative learning and problem-solving. We encourage students from all backgrounds to join our community.

Expand Your Horizons

We constantly strive to elevate student experiences through guest speaker events, networking sessions, and career development workshops.


Our events connect students with alumni, recruiters, and current consultants to foster meaningful professional relationships and provide valuable exposure to the work environment, culture, and daily operations of different consulting firms. 

Learn more about BU Consulting Group events.

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Join Our Community

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