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About Us

Formerly known as StrategyBU, Boston University Consulting Group is a student-run consulting organization that helps clients solve their key strategic problems. 

BU Consulting Group prepares students for careers in consulting through comprehensive workshops, mock interviews, and special networking opportunities with professors, alumni, and professionals at events such as our Annual Consulting Conference and case competitions.

Meet Our Team

We are more than just a student organization. BU Consulting Group is a vibrant community of students and alumni committed to shaping the future of the consulting industry. 


Our team consists of passionate individuals contributing to the club's success under a shared vision of providing value for our clients while educating and empowering our student members.  

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To advance the discipline of strategic problem-solving at Boston University and develop responsible and thoughtful future leaders in consulting.

Who We Are

We are problem-solvers and forward-thinking individuals that empower future leaders in consulting. Bound by our commitment to excellence, we strive to make a positive impact by tackling complex challenges. 

Our members and alumni bring a diverse blend of expertise that enhances our capabilities and fosters a supportive professional network.




For Students

For Clients

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