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A semester-long program where students collaborate with their teams to develop strategic recommendations for their client, utilizing market research, competitor profiling, and industry analysis. The program culminates with a competition where students have the opportunity to present their solutions to a panel of BU Consulting Group judges, and industry experts to receive valuable feedback.

Why StategyLab?

Navigate Consulting and Business Challenges

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Industry Knowledge

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Build Your

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Analytical Skills Development


For Growth

For students seeking a rigorous introduction to consulting, StrategyLab cultivates a hands-on environment dedicated to learning. Through collaboration with like-minded peers, research synthesis, and presentation delivery, students add invaluable skills to their professional toolkit.

In addition, high-achievers receive the opportunity to work with real clients through accelerated interview offers for our Engagements program.


SL Students
in 2022-2023


Weekly Sessions


Unique Industries


Office Hours



In addition to weekly general meetings, StrategyLab offers weekly office hours, Engagements Q&As, and internship panels to provide students a holistic learning experience.

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*Midpoint Presentations will be delivered after Week 5, and Final Presentations will be delivered after Week 8.

Past Projects

Our case prompts are uniquely developed by our VPs and Directors of StrategyLab every semester, based on current and relevant market trends. Projects range across various industries, exposing student consultants to a wide range of subjects.

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Amazon RxPass

Develop a market penetration strategy for Amazon's RxPass service, aimed at differentiating themselves from other major players in the long run. 

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Electric Vehicles

Jeep, Tesla

Develop a 5-year strategy for Tesla to defend its position in the EV market again new entrants as an existing player OR for Jeep to successfully enter the EV market.

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Kaiser Permanente

Develop a 2-year recommendation plan for Kaiser Permanente to expand its telehealth business in rural areas to expand access to routine and life-saving care.

Congratulations to our Spring 2023 Winners

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First Place


Ananya Agarwal, Debbie Lee, Alua Tulabssova, Sofia Neves, Jackie Soto

Julia Sands, Hannah Picone, Krishay Murthy, Adrian Tang, Enoch Ngan

Hear from past participants



QST '25

Zayn  Abedin.heic

“BUCG’s StrategyLab is a very involved and hands on program that gave me insight into what larger and more long term projects in the consulting industry look like. It was a very educational and informative experience thanks to the leadership of the directors of StrategyLab who both taught and helped us develop skills necessary to succeed in both the  program and the industry in the long term.”



QST '26

Julia Sands.jpeg

"StrategyLab introduced me to foundational consulting skills, strengthened my ability to collaborate and innovate with a team, and motivated me to produce high-quality work within a competitive environment. The directors created an atmosphere that encouraged curiosity and growth, enabling my team to develop a presentation of which we could be proud. Exposure to my team’s diverse set of perspectives honed my aptitude for tackling challenging problems, and I believe my increased adaptability will be beneficial throughout my academic and professional career."



QST '24

Violet Nguyen.JPG

"I joined StrategyLab in Fall 2021, right after we started taking in-person classes again after COVID-19. The program provided me with a lot of knowledge related to consulting, connected me with like-minded peers, and helped me develop my professional skills. I got to conduct research and send out surveys to gather inputs to back up our hypothesis for the case prompt. My presentation skill also improved tremendously after the program as I received advice and feedback from the program leaders and my teammates. Participating in StrategyLab was overall a great learning experience."

Shuang (Sarah) Chen

QST '26

Shuang (Sarah) Chen.jpg

"I completed BUCG’s StrategyLab program in back in my freshman year. Overall, I experienced a lot of self growth. After being in a team with older members and having to work together to solve a real life sample problem under a time constraint, I really had to push myself. I had the topic of health care which was something that I am not very familiar of, so I took a lot of initiative in research and gaining feedback from BUCG StrategyLab directors. Out of everything, I have to say BUCG has some amazing people- I am so glad to have had the opportunity to be in StrategyLab and form bonds with other members."



QST '26

Kelsey  Lem.heic

"I participated in StrategyLab in Spring 2023, and I am so happy that I did! BUCG's programming was recommended to me by many of my peers after I expressed that I had an interest in consulting as a career in the future. StrategyLab introduces many key strategic frameworks and methodology on slide creation, primary and secondary research, and data collection and analysis. It is the perfect place to start if you want to dip your toes into consulting, or even want to hone in your business skills. The program also places a heavy emphasis on teamwork and provides countless opportunities to connect with BUCG leadership. Following StrategyLab, I had the opportunity to be part of BUCG Engagements, where I now am an Associate Consultant for one of the summer engagements!'



QST '24

Nick Chen.jpg

"I would definitely recommend the StrategyLab program. It not only refined my presentation skills but also boosted my confidence and critical thinking skills. I especially enjoyed the ability to design your own solution and from scratch. This experience was also a large part of me securing my PwC internship."

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