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A semester-long program designed to prepare students for the competitive consulting recruitment process. Through weekly sessions, students gain comprehensive industry knowledge, are exposed to case frameworks, and refine their interview skills.

Why Casing?

Framework Development

Structured Brainstorming

Research Synthesis

Confident Delivery

Holistic Professional Development

For aspiring consultants, casing is an integral part in landing job offers. Beyond the recruitment process, students benefit from alumni panels, resume workshops, and a case competition.

Our priority is to help students reach their full potential. Whether you are looking for an introduction to case interviews, hoping to sharpen your skills, or preparing for interviews, we provide you with the help you need. 


Casing Students
in 2022-2023


Weekly Sessions




Office Hours


Our program offers driven individuals the resources to maximize their learning.

Casing Timeline

Advanced Casing

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Upon successful completion of the Casing program, top performing casing students will be considered for BU Consulting Group's Advanced Casing — our semester-long case interview preparation program meant for students with prior case interview experience.


Each week we will be diving into specific areas of case interviews such as brainstorming, exhibit analysis, case math, and more. Throughout each class, students will be able to apply these skills with practice examples and live case interviews. They will also be exposed to new case types such as growth and operations cases.


Students are encouraged to actively participate and engage with each other. In this discussion style format students will be better equipped to understand the nuances of cases and stand out against other candidates.

Hear from Past Participants



QST '26

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"The Casing program is not just a great way to learn about the consulting recruiting process, but also an opportunity to expand your network by meeting other talented and driven students, whether that be case partners, tutors, or leadership. I recommend that everyone interested in consulting at BU join the Casing program to learn more about and demonstrate their interest in consulting."



CAS '26

Melanie Lin.jpeg

"Summer casing taught me valuable problem solving skills that I never would have learned without the program. With support from the casing tutors, I was able to prepare for the case competition really well! I’m glad I signed up."



QST '25

"BUCG’s casing program helped me build the understanding of case interviews and taught me how to do cases step by step. I learned many new frameworks and casing techniques. Their office hours are also really helpful for me to go through cases one-on-one with eboard members or case tutors. I really enjoyed my experience in the casing program!"



QST '26

Mourik Bhattacharjee.jpg

"I found the casing program to be very beneficial to me as it drastically increased my confidence and skills with various types of cases. It's clear to see that the students running the program were genuinely invested in helping us learn and grow. The lessons were structured well and the availability of 1 on 1 tutor sessions were so helpful; overall a nice experience."



QST '22

Naruto Yabuki.jpeg

"The casing program helped me polish my casing skills for my upcoming consulting interviews. With a structured approach to casing, I was able to land a summer internship with Bain & Co."



CAS '25

Ananya Agarwal.png

"The casing program gave me a great introduction into the recruitment process and equipped me with necessary tools to prepare for case interviews. The sessions along with office hours helped me build and improve my problem solving skills. Moreover, it was encouraging to talk with members of the club who have undergone consulting recruitment process and get a window into their journey."

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